Friday, December 3, 2010


21st birthdays is definitely one of the most significant dates for most people. Most of my snakie friends in FB have posted the albums of their birthday parties, showing much fun they had and the precious moments spent with their friends and family. Have been asking myself whether it is our unique chinese tradition to hold grand birthday parties at home for the 21s. On 2nd of December 2010, it's officially the second last day of the 1st term of my 3rd year, a.k.a my birthday. It had been a bad deyyyy though -- Lappie couldn't start up in the morning, transaction for flight ticket purchasing failed, lappie and Iphone gone off power, rushing assignments all day long. There came a surprise, at the moment I was scratching my head, with a stinky body (couldn't even get a shower), thinking for assignment, while self-mumbling...........My friends came upstair with mofo_tj holding a cake. Thanks so much buddies =D


21 years old is a turning point of life. Sometimes I think i'm not mature enough, or responsible enough to myself, and the others around me. There are plenty of things I need to do as a 21-year-old guy, including those that are so so insignificant.

- Stop complaining about my life and academic to mum
- Control my temper and not to be annoyed so easily, and not to be oversensitive
- Stop being cool to dad in coming summer
- Take over some of my dad's responsibilities towards home
-Stop arguing with sistas
-more keen to spend on travelling
-be optimistic
-be more decisive
-bring parents to Canada for graduation
-not to be naive over impossible things
-don't be too shy!!!
-play less dOTa!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

TM Boleh!

My internet ping has been going high at recent nights for no reasons. I decided to call TM to complain about the problem.

Dialed 100 : Please select your language : ENGLISH (Hopefully the agents would handle the technical troubleshooting better)

Enter your area code and service number: I entered and I was connected to an "Agent" in about one minute. Quite efficient huh!

The "Agent" asked me bundle of questions to verify the account user. At that instance, I was hoping that I will obtain a good solution regarding the so-pro-procedure.

There goes the conversation (Compressed version):

Me: Hi I wonder why my ping would go high to 300+ at night recently, especially between 9pm-1am.

Agent: So your internet speed very slow?

Me: Internet speed was find, just that the problem came when I having online games.

Agent: Oo. Please hold on.

TM musics and advertisements were played for about 10 minutes.

Agent: Hi thx for waiting. Err Mr Wei Ren that's the problem with online games. Now many ppl also complaint about the same thing.....(Bla Bla Bla)

Me:Oooo. So what's the exact cause of my problem?

Agent: Arr...[Ngam xi shek a while]..Mr Wei Ren, can I speak in English?

Me: U meant BM?

Agent: Oh ya. Sebenarnya, .....(Bla Bla Bla). Sekarang ni online banyak spyware, virus, etc. Oleh itu, harus buat virus check, mat check mat check....

Me: Ooooooooooooo. Macam ni la, kamu reset port untuk saya. Saya tengok beberapa hari ini masih macam tu saya call balik lagi.

Agent: O okok. I reset port sekarang la.

Me: Ok thank you byebye.

That's the response I got for complaining about my connection problem. I wonder how could the Malay lady hold a position in TM tech department. TM is sux, this is what you can always hear from others, BUT it's still the best acceptable ISP provider in Malaysia compared to others companies. Kesiannye~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The "Kung Fu" Kid

The Karate Kid really came at the right time to kill my boringness. It isn't an epic movie, but you can give it a try if you are as free as an ass as me. The word KARATE never be mentioned once in the movie, or if I have mistaken - not more than 3 times, giving no clues on how the movie was named. lololol. Besides the not-so-intense fighting scenes, the movie shows breathtaking scenery and landscape in China, and also portrays the mild love between Jaden Smith and the sweet Chinese gal.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Always yelling "sien" at home?
Or even yelling "sien" living in own hometown?

I guess most of the youngsters will do so especially during their holidays. BUT, have you guys imagine what if one day later you have to move away from your old house, to a new house within the same area, or other states.

Will you guys miss the furniture arrangements in your old house?
Will you guys miss the couch where you sit on most of the time?
Will you guys miss the dining table where you have meals on?
And most importantly, will u guys miss your own room?

These questions might look lame and meaningless. Try to think about them. You will find that the bond between yourself and your house, or your hometown does exist. People tend to feel dissatisfied with what they are having apparently and will only cherish it when they realize that they will soon be away from it. It's time to change the way of thinking, and figure out how to make good use of time at home, although it's difficult. lol. Everyone of us might have to move away from our own home anytime for our jobs, or for other reasons. Who knows =(

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sudden Thought

Have been hearing from others that they hardly survive with the money supplied by parents weekly, urgent need to make payments in some occasions, etc...

It has been almost 3 years since I first accepted JPA scholarship. I have been taking my own financial responsibilities all the time, except the regular meals with my family. Recalling the academic year in Taylors University, we JPA scholars were supplied RM350 each on a monthly basis. My daily spent on food was approximately RM14, summing up to RM280 a month, excluding the weekends. Including the weekly transportation fees , I ended up with less than RM20 for my saving. Sometimes I would peep my friends' account balance, and I would feel surprise that most of them were having extra saving. I realized that their parents would always supply additional dollars for them. The first thought that came up to my mind : Yuu, envy-nya...

I knew myself that I could ask not more than what I am having now from my parents as they could hardly afford it. As a son, I have to understand my family financial status and be satisfied with what I have. However, sometimes I will still mumble aside, complaining that I am not getting as much as others. Yea. This kind of thinking is superbly wrong. I am a bad man~~So, I am now paying myself for the TM bills, items purchasing, and other entertainments. Although my heart is bleeding seeing the outflow of cashes, it's alright since I become less relied on my parents, and thus lighten their burden.

In the mean time, I have started saving some money so that my parents can travel to Canada when I graduate (If nth goes wrong in my study ~ finger cross). The last time they traveled to oversea was during our family trip to Bangkok when I was in primary school. In the past 2 years, my friends traveled to Toronto and USA during winter breaks. I didn't join the trips as I am not willing to spend money for traveling. Some suggested that I should visit these places while I am staying in Canada. Haih. Whatever. There are many ways of spending for own will indeed.

Nice FM song playing on my computer... [1.28AM, June 04]

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facebook Curiosity

What we use Facebook for actually?

Socializing with know ones?



Watching videos linked by others?

Adding unknown people?

Organizing events

Showing our captured photos?

Personally I can't figure out what really Facebook means to me. Some sort of virtual world perhaps? lalala

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ringkasan Perhentian

Long hesitated before decided

Reached Kuala Besut by dawn...

Took speed boot from jetty to island...

Waited long for the snorkeling session...

Floating with fish swimming around us...

Had coral watching, turtle peeping, shark sighting...

Eating mango while having refreshing water splashing...

Had 2-days-malay style meals...

Walked along the beach...

Had some photo shootings...

Waited for sun rise...

Say byebye...