Friday, December 3, 2010


21st birthdays is definitely one of the most significant dates for most people. Most of my snakie friends in FB have posted the albums of their birthday parties, showing much fun they had and the precious moments spent with their friends and family. Have been asking myself whether it is our unique chinese tradition to hold grand birthday parties at home for the 21s. On 2nd of December 2010, it's officially the second last day of the 1st term of my 3rd year, a.k.a my birthday. It had been a bad deyyyy though -- Lappie couldn't start up in the morning, transaction for flight ticket purchasing failed, lappie and Iphone gone off power, rushing assignments all day long. There came a surprise, at the moment I was scratching my head, with a stinky body (couldn't even get a shower), thinking for assignment, while self-mumbling...........My friends came upstair with mofo_tj holding a cake. Thanks so much buddies =D


21 years old is a turning point of life. Sometimes I think i'm not mature enough, or responsible enough to myself, and the others around me. There are plenty of things I need to do as a 21-year-old guy, including those that are so so insignificant.

- Stop complaining about my life and academic to mum
- Control my temper and not to be annoyed so easily, and not to be oversensitive
- Stop being cool to dad in coming summer
- Take over some of my dad's responsibilities towards home
-Stop arguing with sistas
-more keen to spend on travelling
-be optimistic
-be more decisive
-bring parents to Canada for graduation
-not to be naive over impossible things
-don't be too shy!!!
-play less dOTa!!!

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